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1st Place Nonfiction Winners of the 2023 7th Annual PenCraft Book Awards’ Competition for Literary Excellence Announced

PenCraft Book Awards’ 1st Place Nonfiction Winning Books for 2023

PenCraft Book Award 7th Annual Competition Ticket

PenCraft Book Award’s 7th Annual Competition Ticket.

1st Place PenCraft Book Awards' Winning Seal for 2023

1st Place PenCraft Book Awards’ Winning Seal for 2023

The 2023 7th Annual PenCraft Book Award Competition proudly announces its nonfiction 1st Place award winners – Literary Excellence in Nonfiction.

A book award has the power to transform an author’s career, making them stand out among their peers. A win expands an author’s audience & the gold PenCraft Book Award Seal instills buyers’ confidence.”

— David Hearne

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — PenCraft Book Awards announced the 2023 1st Place Nonfiction Winners of the 7th Annual PenCraft Book Awards Competition. The Awards give recognition of the outstanding literary talents of established and emerging writers, illustrators, poets, and historians. The winners were chosen from a pool of 1120 book submissions by an independent panel of judges.

The PenCraft literary book award is an impartial, authoritative, and enduring honor for writers. Our purpose is to shine a spotlight on these talented authors and provide a platform for their works to be discovered by book lovers everywhere. In the past seven years, we have made great strides towards achieving this goal, curating a “must-read” book list from our winning authors.

“Supporting our talented authors is our top priority. That’s why we launched the PenCraft Book Awards almost a decade ago,” stated Editor-in-chief David Hearne. “With these awards, we proudly recognize and honor the remarkable range of the Nonfictional work written by our talented authors.”

Throughout history, writers have played an essential role in society. Our nonfiction writers provide the world with books of history, science, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, leadership, self-help, current affairs, politics, and more. Our list of winners is actually a curation of the best nonfiction books being written.

These nonfiction books created by our award-winning authors are their gift to the world.


Nonfiction – Animals The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba BY David Guggenheim

Nonfiction – Autobiography Unsuspecting Child BY Marylee Martin

Nonfiction – Biography EINSTEIN BY Gary S Berger

Nonfiction – Business/Finance Elevate Your Team BY Robert Glazer

Nonfiction – Drama Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass BY Anne Angelo

Nonfiction – Education The Support Staff at Your School BY Andrew Kirkpatrick

Nonfiction – General Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges BY Michelle Gladieux

Nonfiction – Gov/Politics The Paradox of Debt BY Richard Vague

Nonfiction – Grief A Voice from Heaven BY Cynthia Girman

Nonfiction – Health – Fitness Biomechanics of Your Body BY Tracy Markley

Nonfiction – Health – Medical Stroke Recovery, What Now? BY Tracy Markley

Nonfiction – Historical/Cultural Once Our Lives BY Qin Stubis

Nonfiction – Memoir The Buddha and the Bee BY Cory Mortensen

Nonfiction – Motivational We’ve Got This BY Ritu Bhasin

Nonfiction – Parenting Crossing Fifty-One: Not Quite a Memoir BY Debbie Russell

Nonfiction – Religion/Phil. The River of God’s Presence BY Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard

Christian – Devotion/Study HE IS! Knowing God through Fifty Scriptural Meditations BY Mark Worden

Nonfiction – Retirement The Money and Meaning Journey BY Jeff Bernier

Nonfiction – Self Help The Half-Known Life: What Matters Most When You’re Running Out of Time BY Ryan Lindner

Nonfiction – Short Stories/Anthologies Our Stories: Tales From The Jail and Other Uniform Stories BY Rae and Amber Scott and Allen

Nonfiction – Southern U.S. Biographies You May Not Be Who You Think You Are! BY John Payne

Nonfiction – Sports Vintage Base Ball’s Enduring Legacy BY Jack Pelikan

Nonfiction – War The Saigon Guns BY John Hoffman

Click on this link to view all of the PenCraft Book Award winners.

Editor-in-Chief David Hearne stated, “Literature lies at the core of our comprehension of our role in the world, and it gives me immense joy to recognize the remarkable intellects, writers, and illustrators who have made exceptional contributions in the literary world. It’s writers like our PenCraft Book Award Winners who hold the power to shape the future of the literary realm. We hope that our endorsement of their endeavors will inspire them to persist in their work.

In the vast sea of new books, it’s easy for authors to fade into obscurity. In today’s world, the journey to literary success is arduous and very solitary. However, winning a book award can be a game-changer, increasing visibility, credibility, and setting authors apart from the crowd. Winning a book award has the power to transform an author’s career, making them stand out among their peers. The win helps expand an author’s audience and instills confidence in buyers who choose a book adorned with the gold PenCraft Book Award Seal.

The PenCraft Book Award competition is an annual literary contest that strives to give all authors an equal opportunity for recognition of their works to the reading public. Its goal is to make the competition inspiring, fun, and open to all authors. Hundreds of nominated books are received for the competition, but only a small percentage win. Editor-in-Chief David Hearne stated, “We think our winners are truly the best. We hope to continue being a conduit to introducing new authors and their fantastic new books to the reading public.”

PenCraft Book Awards started with an idea—from an author in 2015 who felt it was unfair that many authors were excluded from numerous book competitions because of who published their book or the prohibitive entry fees. So he gathered a few people together and set up shop to launch a new company that would allow all authors to compete on the same level.

What PenCraft Book Awards would look like today was unknown, but the founders knew their commitment to empowering all authors to succeed—wouldn’t change. Since then, PenCraft Book Awards have bolstered authors worldwide, and they will continue looking for new ways to help authors achieve recognition and financial rewards for their creativity.

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