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A pionnering innovation for the crypto world – an AI-based cryptocurrency analyzer platform – CryptoScan


Three young Hungarian computer scientists created an AI-based cryptocurrency analyzer platform, called CryptoScan in order to let no more crypto scam!

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.”

— Elon Musk

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, November 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — CryptoScan puts up a fight against scams in the cryptocurrency industry by means of development of an Artificial Intelligence-based cryptocurrency analyzer platform. The application, developed by three young Hungarian IT engineers and data scientists, analyzes and evaluates smart contract-based cryptocurrencies in real-time, presenting the results in a user-friendly manner for even the average users.

The CryptoScan web application is freely accessible to anyone at https://cryptoscan.ai/. The application provides information about the cryptocurrency’s quality, reliability, value, exchange rate, operational mode, owners, and many other details. To use the CryptoScan App, the user needs to know only the name, symbol, or address of the cryptocurrency. Following provision of any data above, CryptoScan produces a detailed analysis of the specific cryptocurrency.

“AI-based fraud detection and prediction mechanisms are integrated parts of the CryptoScan system. Building on artificial neural networks and machine learning, we are creating a continuously learning, improving system, which expands by interactions of the users. This allows us to detect potential crypto scams more effectively and accurately. With the help of AI, we can also get answers to the possibilities of a specific cryptocurrency, since analysis of smart contracts, transactions, and huge amount of data enable us to draw such conclusions.” said Mr. Gábor Hellner, the leader of the development team.

According to the developers, the CryptoScan platform serves not only for evaluation but also for education purposes. “The CryptoScan application guides the user through the analysis results, while explaining the important details in an understandable and coherent way. Our goal is to make it possible to all users to make a decision within a short period of time on any cryptocurrency, as whether that is risky or, as opposed, is a good investment. ” emphasized Mr.Gábor Hellner.

CryptoScan developers also stated that their mission is not over yet. In the near future, they are releasing the platform’s cryptocurrency called CryptoScanCoin (CSC): “With this we are setting an example and also provide a reference coin to the crypto community. The coin’s smart contract, which is based on our compiled standards, demonstrates how a really democratic and fair cryptocurrency should look like. Above that this CSC utility token is functioning as the cryptocurrency of the CryptoScan platform and ecosystem. With this we are contributing to create and spread quality crypto culture in order to build a better crypto world.” said Mr Gábor Hellner.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/661619702/a-pionnering-innovation-for-the-crypto-world-an-ai-based-cryptocurrency-analyzer-platform-cryptoscan

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