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BioMatrix Launches Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens: The World’s First Free-For-Life AI Tokens


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By providing free Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens for life, we are dismantling financial barriers and unlocking new opportunities for millions.”

— Arthur Qin, Founder of BioMatrix.ai

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , June 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — BioMatrix.ai, a pioneering force in the world of wealth distribution, is proud to announce the launch of Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens the world’s first free-for-life AI tokens. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to democratize access to digital assets, striving to make Universal Basic Income (UBI) a tangible reality for everyone, regardless of economic status.

BioMatrix.ai’s mission is to eliminate barriers to entry in the digital asset space. Unlike traditional digital assets that require initial investments, PoY AI Tokens will be distributed free-of-charge. This bold move is designed to empower individuals in underserved communities, giving them access to the future benefits of digital assets and fostering economic growth.

PoY AI Tokens leverage AI and blockchain technologies to seamlessly generate AI tokens personalized to each user. Users in select countries will be able to access the free PoY AI Tokens with the expectation these tokens will soon be listed on a popular exchange. All users will be able to engage the platform’s additional offerings which include games, videos and future digital assets such as coupons.

In addition to the free initial distribution of PoY AI Tokens, BioMatrix.ai is introducing a unique benefit for its first 1 million users: PoY AI Tokens for Life. These users will receive 12 free PoY AI Tokens every month for the next 60 years. This long-term commitment to our users underscores our dedication to financial inclusion and the long-lasting impact of digital assets. The Company is currently promoting the app’s global mass adoption for both online and offline communities through multiple upcoming events.

Key Features and Benefits:

Free Distribution: PoY AI Tokens are distributed at no cost, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection via our mobile and desktop interface.

Monthly PoY AI Tokens: Users will receive 12 free Proof of You (PoY AI Tokens) tokens every month for 60 years, enabling a digital Universal Basic Income.

Global Reach: Biomatrix.ai is committed to reaching users in every corner of the globe, promoting financial inclusion and equality to all.

“At BioMatrix.ai, we believe everyone should have the chance to engage in the digital economy,” said Arthur Qin, Founder of BioMatrix.ai. “By providing free Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens for life, we are dismantling financial barriers and unlocking new opportunities for millions. Our AI-driven platform guarantees accessibility, security, and efficiency. We are thrilled to spearhead the movement toward a more inclusive financial future.”

About BioMatrix:
Founded by Silicon Valley experts, BioMatrix.ai is dedicated to reshaping financial inclusion via Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens and Universal Basic Income (UBI), using biometric scans for secure, feeless digital asset transactions. The Company aims to bridge financial gaps and revolutionize wealth distribution globally. Our technology stands at the intersection of Web2 and Web3, broadening the utility of digital assets.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/720977359/biomatrix-launches-proof-of-you-poy-ai-tokens-the-world-s-first-free-for-life-ai-tokens

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