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Breshna Crowned Champion at Web Summit Qatar’s PITCH Competition

Mariam Nusrat, Winner of Web Summit Qatar’s PITCH competition

Every pitch I heard was a source of inspiration, pushing me to think bigger and collaborate more closely with fellow innovators.”

— Mariam Nusrat

DOHA, QATAR, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Breshna, a pioneering platform empowering users to create, share, and monetize video games without any coding or game design expertise, clinched the top spot at the highly acclaimed PITCH competition at Web Summit Qatar. Breshna, led by the visionary founder and CEO Mariam Nusrat from Washington DC, outshone its competitors, securing its place at the forefront of the tech startup scene.

IMAN, a financial services innovator from Uzbekistan, and Rhazes, a trailblazer in healthcare solutions from the UK, closely following as runners-up. These startups, along with Breshna, were selected from over 1,043 participants, highlighting the intense level of innovation and talent present at the event.

Mariam Nusrat, in her victory speech, emphasized the importance of visibility for founders through platforms like Web Summit Qatar, stating, “Events like these are not just about winning; they’re about connecting, learning, and growing together. Every pitch I heard was a source of inspiration, pushing me to think bigger and collaborate more closely with fellow innovators.”

Breshna, with its suite of tools including a game-maker editor, an AI-powered text-to-game engine, and a Web3-enabled metaverse, has already attracted a vibrant community of 175,000 users. The platform’s mission resonates with Nusrat’s belief in the collaborative over the competitive nature of the founder’s journey, a sentiment that was evident in her appreciation for her fellow competitors’ quality and the shared stage.

Founded just two years ago, Breshna has rapidly advanced, raising approximately $2.5 million from notable investors such as Paris Hilton and Randi Zuckerberg. This investment underscores the market’s confidence in Breshna’s innovative approach to democratizing game creation and its potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. The demand for short-form, snackable content remains higher than ever and with games being a universal language, the stage is set for the next TikTok for video games.

The PITCH competition, targeting ALPHA and BETA startups with less than €5 million in funding, featured 40 of the brightest startups from this year’s 1,043 participants. These finalists pitched their visions to an esteemed panel of judges from the investment and startup world, including Amin Matni (Jusour), Zach Coelius (Coelius Capital), Soumaya Ben Beya Dridje (Rasmal Ventures), and Rama Chakaki (Transform VC), showcasing the breadth of innovation and entrepreneurship present at Web Summit Qatar.

Web Summit Qatar’s inaugural event boasted 15,453 attendees from 118 countries, engaging in a variety of activities from masterclasses and investor meetings to competition rounds and the vibrant Night Summit parties across Doha’s neighborhoods. The event was further elevated by His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, announcing a $1 billion investment by the Qatar Investment Authority into an international and regional VC fund aimed at fostering innovation and enhancing the tech ecosystem in Qatar and beyond.

This victory at Web Summit Qatar marks a significant milestone for Breshna and its mission to open up the world of video game creation to everyone. It stands as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and the unyielding spirit of entrepreneurs worldwide.

“We are committed to supporting ventures that are at the forefront of technological innovation, and Breshna is a prime example of how visionary ideas can lead to real-world impact. Congratulations to Mariam Nusrat and the entire Breshna team for setting a new standard in the gaming industry,” shared Aly Madhhavji, Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund.

About Breshna.io

A Forbes Next 1k Entrepreneur, Clinton Global Honoree and winner of the Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Show, Mariam Nusrat is the Founder & CEO of Breshna.io, a platform that empowers users to create, share and monetize their own mini purposeful video games with no code and at lightning speed, think TikTok for games!

The team has made immense progress since inception 2 years ago: 175k game makers, 150k+ games made and 2m+ game clicks, $2.5m raised from investors including Paris Hilton and Randi Zuckerberg, and an AI-powered text to game engine and a web3-enabled metaverse launching next quarter. Mariam is on a mission to empower the next 100m people to unleash the power of video games for purposeful communication.

Mariam Nusrat
[email protected]
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