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Daphane Limoncello Celebrates National Limoncello Day 2024

Daphane Limoncello Celebrates National Limoncello Day 2024

Cashid Beverage Co-Founders Taia Rashid and Daphane Carter

Photo of Daphane Limoncello Day Limoncello and Raspberry Limoncello Bottles

Happy National Limoncello Day Flyer

Picture of three bottles of Limoncello and three bottles of Berrycello

Cashid Beverage and Daphane Limoncello Bottles

Co-Founders Daphane Carter and Taia Rashid Raise A Glass To Limoncello!

When the summer heat hands you lemons, drink Daphane Limoncello, chilled or served on ice! Happy National Limoncello Day!”

— Daphane Carter

SUGAR LAND, TX, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — **Daphane Limoncello Celebrates National Limoncello Day 2024**

As Americans gear up to celebrate National Limoncello Day on June 22nd, they indulge in a tradition rooted in the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast of Italy. Limoncello, a vibrant lemon liqueur, embodies the essence of summer with its bright citrus flavor and smooth texture. Crafted initially in Southern Italy, this delightful digestif has transcended borders to become a beloved spirit globally. Sugarland, TX-based Cashid Beverage LTD Co and its founders, Daphane Carter and Taia Rashid, are kicking off the the 2024 summer season by celebrating National Limoncello Day!

** The Story of Limoncello**

While Limoncello’s heart lies in Italy, its popularity has spurred production worldwide. In the United States, enthusiasts have embraced the craft, creating local interpretations that capture the essence of Italian tradition with a distinctive American flair. Limoncello is cherished not only for its refreshing taste but also for its versatility. Traditionally served chilled as a digestif, it has also found its way into cocktails and culinary creations, adding a zesty kick to desserts and sauces. Limoncello embodies the spirit of conviviality and celebration, whether sipped on its own or mixed into inventive cocktails. Limoncello consumption rises globally each year, reflecting its growing popularity and cultural significance. The United States has witnessed a surge in demand for artisanal variations, prompting local producers to innovate and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Co-founder Daphane Carter shares her enthusiasm for National Limoncello Day: “When the summer heat hands you lemons, drink limoncello! As you can see when you step outside, summer has arrived, and the 100-degree days are here to stay. Sitting by the pool and sipping an ice-cold limoncello has a new meaning with the rising temperatures. It’s the ideal bright, refreshing drink for surviving the summer heat. If you’re having a summer party or an after-dinner drink, grab a bottle of Daphane Limoncello and serve it chilled or over ice. Happy Limoncello Day!”

**American-Made Excellence: Daphane Limoncello and Raspberry Berrycello**

Founded in 2022 by best friends Daphane Carter and Taia Rashid in Houston, Texas, Cashid Beverage Company stands as the first Black female-owned citrus-based liqueur producer in the United States. Inspired by a transformative family and friends trip to the Amalfi Coast, Daphane and Taia embarked on a journey to introduce their vision of authentic Limoncello to the American market. Differing from “traditional” limoncello, which is usually thick and sweet, the “Cashids,” as they affectionately call themselves, decided to make a lighter, more aromatic blended beverage that could be consumed anytime and anywhere. Daphane Limoncello and Daphane Raspberry Berrycello have earned acclaim for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The 100% preservative-free liqueurs have been honored with prestigious awards, including the 2023 Silver Bartenders Spirit Award, the 2023 Double Gold John Barleycorn Awards, and most recently, the 2023 Gold and Bronze Awards from USA Spirit Ratings, affirming their commitment to excellence.

Co-founder Taia Rashid highlights the versatility of Daphane Limoncello and Daphane Raspberry Berrycello: “Our premium spirits, made with all-natural ingredients, can be served chilled over ice, taken as a shot, or mixed with your favorite spirits, tonics, and juices. We love making hand-crafted cocktails and encourage our consumers to add flavor elements inspired by recipes on our website to make The Limoncello Life a personal experience !”

**Recognition and Media Coverage**

Cashid Beverage Company has garnered national attention, appearing on prominent television talk shows such as The Today Show, Houston Life, and Fox26. They have also been featured on influential podcasts including Rushion McDonald’s Money Making Conversations, The Steve Harvey Morning Show Podcast, The Olivia Fox Podcast, and Sheletta Brundidge’s Laughing with Letta. Their innovative approach has been recognized in online and print media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, AfroTech, The Hype Magazine, and Black Enterprise.

** Buying and Building The Brands **

The Limoncello Life is a branding experience as well. The spirits have been found at Houston Cigar Week, the highly successful Honeyland Festival and various networking and pop up socials such as the first “Gallentines Day Brunch” or “Derby Day”. Daphane Limoncello brands are available in select locations across Texas, California, and Florida, including Spec’s Liquor Stores, Total Wine, Sko Liquors, Angel Liquors, and Emilio’s Liquor and be found online through Reserve Bar and Cork and Barrel. Outside of taking the Limoncello Experience (#ExperienceTheLuxe) home with you, the company seeks to make Daphane Limoncello and Daphane Raspberry Berrycello the toast of the town and continue to create partnerships with local restaurants, bars, and lounges. These award-winning liqueurs are featured prominently on the menus of some of Houston’s finest dining establishments, including The Warwick, A’bouzy, Blue Lagoon Bar and Grill Balmoral, and Trez Wine Bar.

Founded with a passion for excellence and a dedication to crafting exceptional spirits, Cashid Beverage Company is committed to producing premium liqueurs that embody the rich traditions of Italian Limoncello with an American twist. The visionary founders, Daphane Carter and Taia Rashid continue to innovate and delight palates with their distinctive offerings.

Join us in raising a toast to National Limoncello Day on June 22nd! Whether you’re enjoying a glass at home, exploring new cocktail recipes, or dining at one of Houston’s premier restaurants, let the zest and vibrancy of Limoncello brighten your summer celebrations.

Keep up with Daphane Limoncello on Instagram and Facebook @daphanelioncello.

**Contact Information**

For more information about Daphane Limoncello and Daphane Raspberry Berrycello or to arrange an interview with Daphane Carter or Taia Rashid, please contact:

Azim Rashid

Cashid Beverage Ltd Co

Chief Marketing Officer

[email protected]


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