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Leading the New Wave of Independent Country Music

Leading the New Wave of Independent Country Music

Cole Ryan

Tim Zach

Tim Zach

KC Cameron

KC Cameron

Kyle Sayler

Kyle Sayler

3rd Rail Records is revolutionizing independent country music with a modern approach, signing talented Mid-West artists and leveraging innovative strategies.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, June 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a music industry transformed by digital access and streaming platforms, 3rd Rail Records is emerging as a leader among the new wave of independent labels. This innovative label is redefining the industry by focusing on empowering artists and utilizing modern pathways to reach audiences. Amidst the decline of physical album sales and traditional record label models, 3rd Rail Records is creating a dynamic platform for artists to thrive.

3rd Rail Records is distinctively dedicated to Country Music, with a special emphasis on Mid-West country. The label has already signed four talented artists from Colorado, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Michigan, with additional signings from neighboring states in the pipeline. In partnership with AMC Label Group in Nashville, 3rd Rail Records benefits from industry veterans’ extensive experience and knowledge.

Jim Johnson, one of the label’s partners, highlights the challenge of transitioning from old industry systems to new, stating, “The old system recognizes the changes but fights to maintain control. Our approach leverages smaller budgets and innovative strategies, subcontracting key roles to maximize efficiency.” He also explains that with limited budgets, the label still does quite a bit but subcontracts out roles that would have been internal in the past. To this end, Luke Mills, one of the production partners of the group Them Fly Bros (Luke Mills and CR Pendleton), was brought on board to handle A&R for the partnership. Mills, who has a rich history as a recording artist, is now focusing on A&R for 3rd Rail Records, using his extensive connections within the Mid-West music scene to identify and support new talent.

The First Four Artists

3rd Rail Records proudly introduces its first four artists, each bringing a unique sound and story:

Tim Zach: A prominent figure in the Nebraska country music scene, Tim Zach is currently recording new songs for release in 2024 and 2025. Known for his heartfelt lyrics and dynamic performances, Zach maintains an impressive schedule of approximately 90 tour dates per year. His music reflects his life as a husband and father, capturing the essence of overcoming challenges with a mix of resilience and a touch of humor.

Kyle Sayler: An entrepreneurial spirit and talented artist, Kyle Sayler is making waves in the Midwest with his energetic performances and biographical songwriting. His latest release, “Add A Little Rock To It,” celebrates his recent marriage and showcases his creative versatility. Sayler is actively recording new material set to be released under the 3rd Rail Records banner.

KC Cameron: Originally hailing from Detroit, MI, KC Cameron’s roots in country music run deep, influenced by legends like Reba and Garth Brooks. A dedicated Army National Guard member, Cameron balances his military service with a thriving music career. His authentic storytelling and commitment to excellence make him a standout artist on the 3rd Rail Records roster.

Cole Ryan: The duo of Cole Taylor and Brendan Kearn brings a fresh country rock style reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s duos such as Foster & Lloyd or The O’Kanes, mixed with a little Florida Georgia Line. Their debut single, “Colorado,” is set for release this month, promising to captivate audiences with its energetic and nostalgic sound.

Looking Ahead

3rd Rail Records is poised for a bright future, firmly rooted in a commitment to supporting artists and delivering quality country music. As the label continues to grow, it remains dedicated to its mission of navigating the evolving music landscape while maintaining a focus on authenticity and artist empowerment.

Additional photo credits: Riley Cameron Photography

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