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Nanabode’s Small Home Plans: New Solutions for Additional Income and Sustainable Living

The Retreat

Modern small home plans

Nanabode, an Austin-based architectural firm leading the charge in sustainable design, today announces the public release of its trailblazing small home plans. Co-founders Nick Mehl and Samantha Baumann, who are advocates for sustainable architecture, are bringing their innovative and purpose-driven designs to the public. Preview sets are affordably priced at $299, and fully buildable sets are available for around $2,000.

The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU): A Timely Solution for Modern Problems
"If you're considering adding an ADU to your property, it's a smart way to extend your home's living capacity to accommodate aging parents or adult children. It's also an excellent source of rental income, especially as inflation continues to wreak havoc," notes Samantha Baumann. All Nanabode designs are 1,100 square feet or less, making them ideal ADUs that offer multi-generational living options or income-generating potential, like short-term rentals.

Introducing 'The Block': Form Following Function for Sustainability
"The Block," one of Nanabode's standout designs, is a living space combined with a garage ADU that also doubles as a power-generating station for electric cars, featuring built-in outlets and battery storage capabilities. Samantha Baumann adds, "This design perfectly encapsulates our vision of multi-functional, sustainable living spaces."

How Nanabode is Unique
Amid a market awash with generic plan mills, Nanabode emerges as the trendsetter in sustainable design. "We are dedicated to designs that serve specific, meaningful purposes. These aren't just homes; they are solutions for urban density, additional income, and sustainable living," says Nick Mehl. Efficiency in both space and energy puts Nanabode at the forefront of an emerging trend in sustainable living.

Pricing and Availability
Nanabode's preview sets are available starting at $299, with fully buildable sets priced around $2,000. These offer a unique, cost-effective entry point into sustainable living for those committed to making a difference.


Contact Information:
Sam Baumann
Co-Founder, Designer
[email protected]
(217) 652-6018‬

Nick Mehl
Co-Founder, Architect
[email protected]
‭(512) 947-3789‬
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