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Preme Token Holders Rise to 1,258 After Launch of Blaze Token’s swapNgo Cryptocurrency Swapping Platform


Preme Token Bandit Logo

Preme Token Bandit Logo

Preme Token Phoenix

Preme Token Phoenix

PREME Token (swapNgo:PREME)

swapNgo was built with the KISS method to make it easy for all traders to enter the cryptocurrency market.”


DENVER, COLORADO, USA, November 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — November is kicking off just the way the Preme Token family had planned, as this month has been deemed New Holder November and since Nov 1, 2023, Preme Token holders have gone up 33% to 1,258.

Preme Token has formed a strategic partnership with the Blaze Token community. Working together to bring everyone back to a truly decentralized trading experience, moving away from the ever-rising prices of exchanges. The Preme and Blaze communities alone are strong and loyal. Together they are a force in the cryptocurrency market. Through marketing efforts, joint community awareness, and education, both projects are laser-focused on exponential growth and revolutionizing cryptocurrency.

The swapNgo Swapper was launched on Saturday, November 4th and there has been a steady uptick in Preme Token trading volume since launch. swapNgo is an outstanding and much cheaper way for crypto traders to swap for tokens. The swapping platform was thought up with the “KISS” method as a constant reminder, sometimes crypto is way too complicated for new traders, and seasoned traders alike. Blaze token leader Rashi, AKA themadscientist, developed the swapNgo with these main goals in mind: ease of use for all traders and an offering of multiple swapping platform options, not readily available through other swappers in the market.

The Preme Token calls its holders, Family, as that is truly how it is built.

Recent Preme Token project highlights:

Preme Token has seen explosive growth in the past three months, moving up to currently .0125-cents. This represents an 1100% increase over that time. Staking has increased to 69-Million Tokens staked in 3 months, worth a staggering $849,000 – displaying an extremally bullish sentiment.

Preme Token’s CoinMarketCap listing is now live.

Preme’s first NFT launch, the Gold NFT Line with 500 pieces, completely sold out in 45 days.

Upcoming events for Preme Token:

Nov 16th: Preme Cuddle Buddies NFT Launch (Exclusively from ArtandArtistPT)

Dec 7th: Jack Storms NFT Line drops

Dec 25th: FuzzyManDennis Music NFT line drops

Feb 2024: Victoria Fard launches her highly anticipated LOVE NFT collection.

More releases to follow.

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Preme Token New Holder November

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