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Publication of the 18th In Gold We Trust report 2024

In Gold We Trust Report 2024 – “The New Gold Playbook”

RUGGELL, AL, LIECHTENSTEIN, May 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On May 17, 2024, this year’s – now 18th – In Gold We Trust report was presented at an international press conference broadcast live on the Internet. The authors of the report are the two fund managers Ronald-Peter Stöferle and Mark J. Valek from Liechtenstein-based asset manager Incrementum AG.

The almost 440-page In Gold We Trust report is renowned worldwide and was ennobled by the Wall Street Journal as the “gold standard of all gold studies”. Last year’s edition was downloaded and shared more than 2 million times. This makes the In Gold We Trust report the most widely read gold study in the world. In addition to the German and English versions, the annual publication has also been published in Chinese and Spanish for several years.

The In Gold We Trust report 2024 covers the following topics, among others:

► Status quo of gold: price development in the last 12 months, most important influencing factors and trends on the gold market, including:

 Status quo of the inflation trend

 Status quo of debt dynamics

► “The new gold playbook”

 Old correlations – and thus certainties – such as the negative correlation between the gold price and US real yields are history.

 The age of the Great Moderation, i.e. falling inflation rates, is finally over. Inflation is proving to be stubborn, especially in the US.

 The price of gold is increasingly determined by the Asian emerging markets, with more than 70% of physical demand now coming from the emerging markets.

 Central bank demand is increasingly dominating the demand for gold.

 The old 60/40 portfolio has had its day: We present the new 60/40 portfolio.

► Silver has shed its weakness and has reached an 11-year high.

► Mining stocks – fundamental and technical situation

► Updated gold price forecast

The In Gold We Trust report 2024 also includes a debate with star analysts Brent Johnson and Louis-Vincent Gave on the topic of “Multipolarization of the international monetary system, reserve currency status of the US dollar, and inflation”.

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Sound Money Capital
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/712056697/publication-of-the-18th-in-gold-we-trust-report-2024

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