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Retaining Excellent Talent in 2024 in the Hybrid Work Economy

Retaining excellent employees takes more than interesting work, variable hours, a good culture and a decent living wage. Entrepreneur Marie-Pier Hebert explains

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Retaining excellent employees takes more than interesting work, a good workplace and a decent living wage

Montreal-based Entrepreneur Marie-Pier Hebert has figured out the rest and it has to do with family

For most parents at the height of their career success the word “juggling” starts to have new meaning. An exciting new opportunity to juggle well is spreading across Canada changing how we obtain access to child and elder care services as many parents struggle with daycare waitlists, high monthly fees, unfair sibling practices, unreliable childcare options, unsafe facilities, or untrained childcare providers.

Kiid gives parents in your organization access to our online booking platform for babysitters, tutors, and health care professionals. Our support team is always available to help parents navigate life’s unexpected turns,” explains Marie-Pier founder and CEO of Kiid.

In 2017, Marie-Pier founded Kiid to providing a reliable service offering childcare, tutoring, and senior care support with vetted providers and certified academic tutors. Prior to founding Kiid, Marie-Pier was working around the world in the hospitality business, and she discovered wherever she lived and worked, there was a critical need for quality childcare, tutoring, and senior care services for remote working parents. Her ground-breaking employer benefit package, Kiid, addresses an employer’s need to offer best-in class membership for a modest monthly fee. The cost of retention is less than the cost of recruiting a new employee, and employers across Canada are starting to ask what else can we add to the benefits of working from home?

Parents who work from home or have hybrid arrangements, must navigate many challenges including the upswing in COVID-19 cases in Toronto, and head lice in elementary and high schools making a comeback creating havoc at home. As a mother of two, Marie-Pier understands how surprises like illness or school closures creates conflict between one’s professional and personal life and makes work commitments and remote working arrangements impossible to manage alone. She offers relief with a clever solution.

To help working parents, Kiid provides the ability to have domestic care paid for by the employer to alleviate the pressures of work schedules combined with children and seniors at home. “Employers can now easily prioritize family-friendly policies and increase productivity because a Kiid cost-effective membership supports a healthy work-life balance with the benefit of retaining top talent. It’s a win-win for the employer and employee when it comes to finding, paying for, and depending on in-home service.” Herbert explains.

Kiid is trusted by more than 100 organizations with services available for people of all ages. Today, employers find ease, confidence, and an overall improvement to the daily lives of remote workers in Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto.


“Your services have had a very positive impact on the quality of care I provide to my patients. My anxiety has significantly decreased, and I no longer worry about finding someone to look after my daughter. Today, I can confidently say that I am no longer anxious when I work overtime. Your professionalism is commendable. Thank you for your rapid answers. I appreciate that you try to maintain the same caregiver for my daughter, as this aspect is crucial. Thank you for everything.” Hortense Ntongue, RN

“I am very proud that our firm Davies is offering this service to all parents, as it makes a difference in the day to day lives of working parents.” Anthony Arquin, Lawyer

“Thanks to Kiid, I have never encountered a situation where I did not have a childcare solution regardless of the timeframe. Every time, the service is impeccable, the response to requests for assistance is extremely quick and the proposed caregivers are perfectly suitable, trained, and experienced. Kiid’s service allows me to work with peace of mind. I couldn’t be more grateful.” Marie Garel, Lawyer

About Kiid.ca
Kiid is a safe, flexible, and trusted employee benefit membership package with professional on demand certified sitters and tutors. Kiid Life Care provides in-home care for seniors, post-surgery care and nursing services on one simple platform. Kiid is a complete family care solution for your employees. Membership gives access to trusted childcare, tutors and in home health care. For more visit www.kiid.ca

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