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Set to Reach $1 Billion Revenue Goal in 2024

Gamelight Set To Reach $1 Billion Milestone in 2024

HAMBURG, GERMANY, January 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gamelight, less than a year after launch is set to reach $1 billion in revenues during 2024. The company quickly turned into the largest rewarded marketing platform for mobile games in 2023 – the same year it was founded. The company’s triumph is rooted in its acclaimed AI algorithm, reshaping the landscape of mobile marketing campaign execution.

Co-founder, Günay Aliyeva shares: “How did we achieve this? We built a hyper-effective AI Algorithm that reaches partner goals without any human intervention, skipping months of manual optimizations! This helps game publishers achieve x4-5 times higher ARPU and scale massively within the shortest time!”

Gamelight’s Remarkable Journey to Success

Gamelight’s rise to prominence stems from a strategic fusion of advanced technology and a globally dispersed team. Key to Gamelight’s success is its game-changing AI algorithm. Crafted with a singular goal in mind – simplifying user targeting for managers and publishers while delivering stellar results. This algorithm liberated User Acquisition (UA) managers from the burdens of manual targeting, ushering in a new era.

Fuelled by machine learning, the algorithm excels in precision targeting and boosting user engagement. By analyzing gaming histories, preferences, and demographic data, it tailors marketing strategies for personalized mobile game recommendations. The outcome is not just captivating but optimized user experiences, ensuring extended gaming sessions.

Beyond its technological prowess, Gamelight consistently delivers high-quality users to major mobile game publishers globally. With a footprint in 11 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, Gamelight claims its title as the largest global mobile game recommendation platform.

Driving Gamelight’s growth is its dynamic, diverse team strategically placed across 12 global locations. From the Hamburg office to remote locations like China, Canada, Italy, and throughout Europe, the team’s diversity fosters an inclusive culture, a cornerstone of Gamelight’s success.

Exciting growth in 2023

The rapid growth of Gamelight has garnered attention from the industry, marking new milestones for the company and reshaping expectations for the pace at which a company can expand within a single year in the mobile market industry.

– Encompassing 12% of the global ad spend for all Match-3 games and securing the second-largest position among Android sources and the third-largest among iOS sources, as per the Singular Market overview.

– Securing the top 3rd position as an advertising source in the AppsFlyer Index across diverse game verticals and regions, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants Google and Meta.

– Earned titles and awards, including being honoured with “The Best AI Tool” at the dotComm Awards, being recognized as the Best App Advertising Platform at the App Growth Awards, and securing the Digiday Technology Award in the competitive “Best Mobile Marketing Platform! Category, surpass competitors such as AppsFlyer, Adjust, PLAYSTUDIOS, and Liftoff.

Plans for the coming year

Having experienced substantial success and expansion throughout 2023, Gamelight stands out as a company that has grown organically, without being dependent on external funding. The milestones and successes attained by Gamelight in this short timeframe are achievements that often take other companies years to accomplish.

Co-founder Florian Elmies comments about the future of AI in user acquisition: “In terms of marketing trends, we believe that the popularity of AI-powered UA campaigns will rise, as they are a time-saver and a results booster. Game publishers see ARPUs and ARPPUs they have never seen before with their games.”

Anticipation is building to see what achievements Gamelight will attain in 2024, as they are only at the beginning of their growth phase. As well as seeing the development of AI in user acquisition and what innovation it can offer in the coming year and forward.

About Gamelight

Gamelight is the largest rewarded marketing platform for mobile games globally. Their AI algorithm analyses users’ playtime, engagement and demographics data to identify users with the highest likeliness of long-term engagement with their partner’s games. The company simplifies UA managers’ jobs while delivering satisfying results while driving high ROAS and ARPU.

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