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SunMoney Launches New Additions to the SDBN Token Family: SDBN3, SDBN3Plus, and SDBN Community Token

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SunMoney launches SDBN3, SDBN3Plus tokens, and SDBN Community Token, combining crypto with solar energy for sustainable, regular payouts

Make Money, Save The Planet.”

— SunMoney’s Mission

DUBAI, UAE, November 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — SDBN DMCC, a subsidiary of SunMoney, has officially announced the launch of the latest members of the SDBN token family: SDBN3, SDBN3Plus, and the SDBN Community Token, revolutionizing sustainable investment opportunities.

In a significant move to expand its innovative token offerings, SDBN DMCC under SunMoney Group has unveiled the SDBN3 token, along with the unique SDBN3Plus incentivizing token and the SDBN Community token designed for affiliates and community builders. This launch, dated November 20, 2023, marks a new era in eco-friendly and profitable cryptocurrency investments.

Peter Bahorecz, Chief Networking Officer of SunMoney, explains, “The SDBN3 token is designed to be more than just a digital asset. It is backed by the tangible, solar power-generating capacity of SunMoney’s many solar power plants. This integration of cryptocurrency with renewable energy sources ensures that the token’s real value stems from the consistent monthly payouts to holders, leveraging the power of solar energy.”

The SDBN3Plus token, a bonus offering, is backed by 10 innovative solar-powered tire recycling containers. These tokens cannot be purchased but are awarded as an incentivizing gift to those investing in SDBN3 tokens. “The earlier investors participate in purchasing SDBN3 tokens, the more SDBN3Plus tokens they receive. This unique approach allows token holders to benefit from both solar energy and eco-friendly tire recycling, adding a novel dimension to their investment,” Bahorecz adds.

Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies whose value is often driven by market speculation, both SDBN3 and SDBN3Plus tokens offer real, tangible value derived from regular monthly payouts. This payout system is contingent on the consistent generation of solar power end tire recycling, making these tokens a stable and sustainable investment choice.

Additionally, SunMoney introduces the SDBN Community Token, tailored for affiliates and community builders. This token serves as an effective tool for those keen on promoting the SDBN token family, offering them a lucrative opportunity to partake in the growing solar energy-driven digital asset market.

“The SDBN token family is not just an investment in digital assets; it’s an investment in a sustainable future. As we continue to expand our solar power plant operations, we ensure that our token holders are part of a journey towards a greener, more sustainable world,” concludes Bahorecz.

For more information about the SDBN token family and SunMoney’s initiatives, visit sunmoney.com.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/670731051/sunmoney-launches-new-additions-to-the-sdbn-token-family-sdbn3-sdbn3plus-and-sdbn-community-token

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