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The Spell Brigade, a Magicka-inspired 1-4 player survivors-like, will launch on Steam later this year

Logo – The Spell Brigade

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Bolt Blaster Games revealed their upcoming online co-op survivors-like on Steam. Applications for closed playtests will open soon.

DIEPENBEEK, BELGIUM, April 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bolt Blaster Games, a small indie studio from Belgium, unveiled their newest title today. An online co-op survivors-like that will be released later this year on Steam.

The Spell Brigade is an online co-op survivors-like for 1-4 players. You can team up with your wizard friends to take on hordes of monsters. You combine spells with different elements to come up with spell synergies that can become crazy overpowered. The game features multiple worlds with different objectives and difficulties. So, either alone or in a team, there will be room to grow and unlock all the different wizards and spells.

Involving the community

“We’ve learned a lot during the development of our last game. One of the things we would love to do more is involve the community and ask for their feedback. We really value their input and love working with them to refine the game during development. Our first goal is to start playtesting with community members as soon as possible! People can follow us on Steam to keep up-to-date with development and upcoming events.”

The Spell Brigade – Key Features

Online co-op for 1-4 players: The Spell Brigade combines the survivors-like game loop with good old multiplayer madness. You can choose to take on a mission on your own, or match with some fellow wizards and quadruple the fun. Be careful not to cast any spells on them!

Friendly fire bullet hell: Inspired by games like Magicka and the recent Helldivers 2, The Spell Brigade takes pride in its chaotic friendly fire system. Fighting as a team has many perks, but you will inevitably step on each other’s toes, resulting in some unfortunate yet hilarious encounters.

Create overpowered spell synergies: As big survivors-like fans themselves, Bolt Blaster Games put a big emphasis on the different spells and the possibility to upgrade and combine anything, all in a vibrant 3D art style!

About Bolt Blaster Games:

Bolt Blaster Games is a six-person indie game studio from Belgium. Previously, they released a cartoony roguelite shooter in VR called GAZZLERS. It’s a crazy little game in which you fight off hordes of – you guessed it – Gazzlers, with a gun you build yourself from combined parts and upgrades you get after each wave, all in a colorful, cartoony style. You can see the building blocks here that led to The Spell Brigade.

Working on GAZZLERS post-launch really showed the team the value of community feedback and engagement, which is something they want to improve on while working on their second title. Still a young studio (2020) with the ambition to make great, fun games, they are eager to grow as game developers, one game at a time.

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For more information, please contact:

Bolt Blaster Games

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Glenn Vanspauwen
Bolt Blaster Games
[email protected]

The Spell Brigade – Official Reveal Trailer

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/706428867/the-spell-brigade-a-magicka-inspired-1-4-player-survivors-like-will-launch-on-steam-later-this-year

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