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Villa La Personala

MODENA, MODENA, ITALY, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Modena, Italy – February 29, 2024 Villa La Personala: new temple for weddings of US citizens. It proves increasingly attractive to American couples who want to crown their dream of love, the historic mansion increasingly attractive overseas as well.

Protagonist in more than a thousand years of Italian history in the heart of Emilia, between the lush greenery of the Po Valley and the rumble of the world’s most famous motor valley, it is making more and more American citizens fall in love with it, who have now singled it out as a landing spot for the beauties it offers in itself and those it invites people to discover around it.

Between authentic tradition and modern uniqueness, Villa La Personala enchants from the moment the complex appears before the guest: understated yet refined, imposing yet light, a set of details and refinements that from the first moment speak of a place much loved by its owners, who in the second millennium wanted it to be reborn after the 2012 earthquake had left deep traces.

Now a luxury relais, Villa La Personala allows each guest in its suites to be enveloped in the beauty of design solutions and refined sophistication.

Thanks to a careful teamwork with the main realities of the area, Villa La Personala has built and launched a wide tourist offer to meet the expectations of its guests: Motor Valley, Biomedical Valley, Food Valley, but also shopping and wellness are the strong points of this wonderful part of Italy.

Immersed in the green nature of Mirandola, Villa La Personala has sustainability in its DNA and for this reason it strives with a multiplicity of actions to be itself a sustainable structure, but also to spread a way of living in harmony with oneself and the surrounding environment.

Belonging to this reasoned planning is the well-kept vegetable garden, which for some time now has been gladdening the sight and table of guests, providing a way to taste the genuine goodness of the rich and fertile Modenese soil.

The owner is countess Angelica Ferri Personali.


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